Meet our new Partner:

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Meet our new Partner:!

No more communication issues!

We proudly announce KRServers as our new partner for game hosting and teamspeak servers!

But who is KRServers?

After more than 20 years of experience in electronic sports and the associated task of server maintenance, Timo Kessel decided in June 2020 to carry out his great passion part-time. Besides the resulting support for home club teamKR eSport Club e.V. (here KRServers acts as server sponsor), the negative experiences of the last years caused the step into self-employment.

Our club teamKR was at all times a customer of some game server providers, but could only ever notice the high demands on a partnership in a one-sided way. Either we waited for days for a support answer or we were not convinced by the performance of the servers.
Exactly on this basic principle KRServers is based. We want to offer the customer a feel-good package that he deserves. We take care of every little thing and always have an open ear for our customers. In addition to the feel-good oasis, we also offer our customers absolutely high-quality hardware, which more than delivers the promised services.

Started with a small idea KRServers develops weekly and more and more customers give us your trust. We will continue to give everything to offer you the support you deserve.

This sparked your interest and you want your own affordable high performance game or voiceserver? Check them out under

Welcome to the HYENAS Pack!


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